Tips on Preparing For The Army Physical Fitness Test

army physical fitness test

What Is The Army Physical Test?

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The Army Physical Fitness test is meant to assess the physical fitness, agility, strength, and endurance of active-duty soldiers in the U.S. Army. This test was developed as a means to measure the fitness level of the Army’s personnel. A soldier must pass the test to become eligible for an assignment in the Army.

This test has been in place since 1950 when it was first created. Since then, the Army Physical Fitness Test has been revised several times, with each revision requiring the same questions, the same tests, and the same procedures.

To ensure that the test is reliable, it must be administered by a professional panel. The panel should include a doctor, a certified nurse specialist, an exercise physiologist, a licensed physical therapist, a certified public accountant, an exercise physiologist, and a registered dietitian. Each of these professionals should be well trained and highly qualified to administer the test.

Before you take the physical fitness test, you must prepare yourself physically and mentally. To help you prepare for this test, you should consider the following tips.

Good Workout Routine Is Important

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First of all, you should know that the physical examination is one of the most stressful and demanding tests that the military can offer. Therefore, you should expect to have a difficult time during your preparation. Consequently, you should plan a good workout routine before you take this test.

Wear Loose Clothes

Before the physical examination, you will need to wear loose-fitting clothes that can minimize perspiration and allow you to maintain proper body posture. You need to remove your shoes and socks before taking the physical exam.

Listen To Your Doctor During The Physical Examination

You must listen to your doctor before you take the physical examination. You should not take the test at home unless you are appropriately advised to do so by your doctor. Your doctor may also recommend that you bring a book with you to make notes during the physical examination to remember everything about it. You must do your best in the test. In addition to being mentally prepared, you should also give it all you’ve got in preparation for the physical examination.

Use Of FDA Supplements Is Advisable

Another right way of preparing physically is through the use of supplements. You can try to improve your overall health through the consumption of supplements. The FDA has approved certain supplements, and they are known to provide specific health benefits to users. Several types of supplements are available in the market today. One is multivitamins containing specific vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and carbohydrates that help boost energy levels. These supplements also help in burning fat stores. The effects of these supplements can last up to three to five years. Another type of supplement that helps in boosting energy is amino acids. Amino acids help in enhancing muscle mass and increasing the production of energy. They also work well in burning stored fat.

Final Words

An excellent tip to help you prepare mentally is to practice your breathing technique as much as possible during the exercise. You can practice by practicing while you are at the gym, even in the comfort of your home. Doing so will help you learn how to breathe correctly.

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