A Detailed Explanation of Fitness Gear Barbells

Fitness Gear Barbells

A barbell is fitness equipment that is used for weightlifting and bodybuilding. The equipment consists of a long bar with weights at each side in the form of bars. It is common equipment among people using fitness equipment. A barbell is different from a dumbbell. The barbell can be considered as a longer version of the dumbbell. Barbells are commonly used in sports and weightlifting championships.

Difference Between A Men’s Bar And A Women’s Bar

There are not many differences between the barbells of men and women. A women’s barbell will be shorter than men’s and this means that it will also be lightweight than men’s. The grip section diameter will be smaller for women’s barbell compared to men. Barbells come in different weights and the weight can be adjusted by adjusting the weights at the end of the barbell.

Powerlifting Using Barbells

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Powerlifting uses stiffer and heavier barbells than the ordinary ones. Powerlifting is mainly done in competitions like the Olympics and other major events. In this case, the weight of the bar is increased significantly by adding weights at the end and people compete with each other to decide the person who lifts the most weight. Different colored plates are used on different occasions.

Non-Competition Barbells

Apart from the competition barbells, there are training barbells that are used for weight train purposes alone. These are common in gyms where people train using weights. These types of barbells are used to build muscles and increase stamina. They are available in different sizes according to the capacity of the user. If you are an experienced and strong person, you can use barbells with more weight.

Different Types of Barbells

There are different variations for the barbells. These variations depend on the use and the way in which they are made. The different types are Olympic revolving barbells, standard barbells, dumbbells, EZ curl bars, fixed barbells, thick-handled barbells, triceps bars, and trap bars. Each of these has its own unique characteristics and use. Selecting the barbell depends on the use of it for you.

Can Everyone Use Barbells?

The answer is ‘no’. Using barbells require special training and assistance. It is dangerous to use barbells without proper knowledge and expertise. Careless use of barbells may result in injury to the backbone or other places of the body. There is a special way to lift barbells and one should get expert advice and assistance before doing so. Even expert people get injuries because of the weight and it is risky.


Barbells are common and people use them to weight train and also in competition. In the case of weight training, these are helpful in building muscles and forming the body. There are different forms of barbells available and one can choose what he wants. Make sure that you do weight lifting with barbells only with expert advice and assistance.

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